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Get to know Laveen™

This all natural brand of supplements was created by a mother who was looking to find clean supplements with no unneccesary ingredients. Try reading the label of supplements on the market and you will find unrecognizable ingredients which we are feeding into our bodies. The list goes on with fillers, preservatives, colouring and even sugar for our precious little ones. Laveen™ was born. The name Laveen rhymes with clean and is Laveen (Loving) and Caring!                  

Read our story and discover the journey of this brand.


Testpanel: Mamaplaats.nl
Mamaplaats.nl readers will be testing the Laveen™ supplements
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Preventing Osteoporosis
Magnesium acts to balance calcium in our body, much like progesterone balance the effect of estrogen, and omega-3 balances omega-6 fatty acids.
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Pregnancy and Folic Acid
olic acid helps prevent neural tube defects (NTDs) – serious birth defects of the spinal cord (such as spina bifida) and the brain (such as anencephaly). The neural tube is the part of the embryo from which your baby's spine and brain develop. NTDs affect about 3,000 pregnancies a year in the United States.
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