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The Laveen ™ Clean Label Guarantee


Purity is what we promise at Laveen and what we stand for. For you, for our products and for the environment.


Laveen is more than just vitamins. We are convinced that food supplements should be formulated in a different way: with fewer preservatives, colors, flavors or other unnecessary ingredients. Our goal is to produce nutritional supplements with as few additives as possible. With our Olive Drops you can rely on "organic olive oil, vitamins and nothing else!"


We don't just strive for the perfect product. At Laveen, we also believe in the influence we have on the earth as humans. Laveen therefore wants to contribute to our planet. We do this by limiting the use of plastic, producing packaging from recycled cardboard and by planting trees. By choosing Laveen products, you are also doing your part to preserve the environment


Pure products

100% Natural ingredients

Did you know that vitamins come in different forms? At Laveen we only use natural and effective forms of vitamins and minerals. No artificial variants or unnecessary fillers, dyes and other additives.

Without sugar or other additives

The first Olive Drops we produced were intended for the little ones. These drops quickly became our best-selling product. Other brands marketed sweet food supplements as if they were sweets. We thought it could be done differently. After all, a baby does not need added sugars. That is why we chose organic olive oil as the basis for the vitamins.

Vegan and organic where possible

At Laveen, we believe that everyone should be able to use our supplements. Did you know that the most common form of vitamin D comes from sheep's wool? We have consciously chosen to process as little animal by-products as possible in our supplements. Instead of the usual olive oil, we only use organic, pesticide-free olive oil. The organic olive oil is SKAL certified.

Safety and Certification

Our supplements are carefully formulated by experts and each batch is rigorously tested. All Laveen supplements are produced to the highest food safety quality standards - FSSC2200 food safety certificate.



Sustainable packaging


Recycled paper and plastic

All Laveen products come in dark brown glass bottles. This packaging is not only friendly to the environment, but also offers protection against the influence of light, oxygen and moisture.

Cardboard is one of the most sustainable packaging on the market. It consists exclusively of natural raw materials (wood pulp, starch-based glue and 80% recycled paper) and is therefore 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Green Logistics

In addition to using sustainable packaging, we also believe in collaboration with companies that think about sustainability just as we do. Our processing center is an innovative young company with an eye for the future. Like us, the company plants trees, limits its printing where possible, and uses sustainable packaging materials.