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Our Journey


Pregnant with her first child, the founder was determined to source for the most natural supplements

Unfortunately, most products on the market were formulated with sugar and all kinds of additives for a newborn

After more than 2 years of testing, research and development in the Netherlands

Laveen was born! Olive Drops was her first product and soon became a favorite amongst mothers


Our Story

As parents, we are constantly busy with our family. Providing for the family, keeping the house clean, sending the kids the school, making home cooked meals for them. Life is busy as it is but as parents, we try our best. The founder of Laveen was a parent just like you and her journey started out when she was pregnant with her first child.

Supplements should be healthy and provide additional nutrition for yourself and your child. But the founder was baffled by the huge selection at the counter. When she read the ingredients, she was shocked. Why would my newborn require sugar in her vitamins? What is magnesium stearate?

That’s when the inspiration for Laveen was born. Laveen is pronounced “La-Vien” and it rhymes with ‘Clean’ because that is exactly what we aim for in our products and our company philosophy. Clean Ingredients and Clean Packaging, that is the basis of our Clean Label Guarantee.