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Our Journey

Laveen ™ is inspired by a journey of a mother. It all started when she was pregnant with her first child and realised she needed additional nutrients to nourish herself and her growing baby. This triggered a frantic research for the best supplement which not only fulfilled the requirements of a pregnant women but was also all-natural and made with pure ingredients. Disappointingly,  she realised that many supplements on the market were chemically laden, contained fillers and unnecessary ingredients.

This inspired her to create her own line of supplements made with honest, all natural and (when possible) organic ingredients. No nasties, chemicals or fillers. 

Little did she know, how difficult it was to produce supplements which are completely chemical free. These chemical fillers and binding agents were an essential part of many supplements on the market, but she was adamant to prove the producers wrong. Working together with nutritional experts and research labs, they managed to produce a 100% natural supplement – safe for infants, children, adults and seniors. 

Good, wholesome supplements, just like the home made food she makes at home.